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Welcome Supply Chain, Thanks ERP

Was in 2010 backward, people familiar with word “ERP” with identical with “SAP”. ERP bring industrial to growth with a business complex. ERP have modules, SO, FICO, MM, SD, PM, SCM, and others. All modules interconnected together and helping industry to make best decision , fixed business complexity. In other word, let say “ERP is mature”.

Year 2010 onward, industry growing with Supply Chain. What is Supply Chain ? well, Supply Chain is process begin from resources, processing manufacturing to create a goods and distribute goods to customer. This is wiki said on Supply Chain. Many elements involved. Procurement to find the raw material, Transportation/Distribution to ship/ deliver material from source to factory, Manufacturing to create goods. Warehouse to keep the raw material and finish goods.

Complexity in every element , become challenge that has to be fixed. Supply chain process a baby process, even though is a part of ERP. Imagine if supply chain process is stopped. Maybe we cannot wear like now. You can’t read this content. How did your notebook on your desk? It a supply chain process. Manufacturing made notebook and distribute to the store, then you can buy your notebook in the store. How did you visit the store? with car, bus? its also supply chain process. Manufacturing made bus/ car, distribute to dealer then you can buy and ride them. Supply chain is an essential process. Industrial focus in supply chain process and still learning.

I’m not saying forgot the ERP. Supply Chain is part of ERP itself. Say thanks to ERP and welcoming to Supply Chain.


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