Monthly Archives: August 2015

PS4 you are in my mind, 3M figthing

I don’t think it at all. 


Meet people and they asking the same question. Where to go and when ? It’s like people over care on me or they just want to play “gossip”? who knows. Let them do what they want to, just don’t nudge me. I don’t think it at all. 

My Head:

Two things in my mind, PS4 and 3M. Urgently is 3M, you live it well, God determine. fighting. so PS4? Hands really want to touch the sticks and playing it, but my head said “don’t swipe my card”. How do this become true? Find another way to get cash, selling the product.

Yes, please buy my product. This product can help you to scan and convert “Faktur Pajak” to friendly format. For any detail, you can contact me at


I have PS3 has been more 2 years with only one game: FIFA2013, and its seldom playing. so what concern do make me want to have PS4? We are same, I thinking on it.


I don’t think it at all. just following and face the in your front. I need hiking, reading and writing.