Cannot recover the database master. SQL Server 2005

if you have message like this when you starting sql server service on your computer, its mean, your database ‘master’ on your sql server. is corrupted. You can check this message in event viewer  its mean you need to recover your database master.

cannot recover the database master

To fix this issue, you need to rebuild the database master with CD Installation:

  1. insert the CD installation to your drive
  2. open Run and type : “start /wait [your path driver]/setup.exe /qn INSTANCENAME=[YOUR INSTANCE NAME, BYDEFAULT =MSSQLSERVER] REINSTALL=SQL_Engine REBUILDATABASE=1 SAPWD=[YOUR SA PASSWORD]
  3. then press enter.

this comman will rebuild your database master. after this process, try to running the sql server service, and your service will be running well. but your database will gone after you done this process. Do not panic, because the actual database (.mdf file) still on your computer. You just need to attached the database to your engine.



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